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We are Neutrino Networks Ltd, a specialist Ofcom licensed telecoms operator & ISP. We hold our own number ranges and operate our own core network from London Docklands. We span off our founders previous Government licensed and spectrum holding GSM/UMTS mobile networks when they where sold back in 2007.

We specialise in engineering bespoke solutions that require deep telecoms and internet integration and creative 'out of the box' thinking with a particular focus on: legal and financial services, compliant mobile and mobile core network engineering. We also develop server, software and networking solutions that run on top of our own in-house and wholly owned network. We light our own dark fibre and operate our own voice and internet servers.


We have engineered compliant insurance, legal and mobile solutions used by some of the UK's leading insurers. People usually come to us when they hit a brick wall or the alteratives are too complex and costly. Simply put, we are highly focused on solving real world problems.