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our core proposition:

Bespoke & highly specialised technologiesRead more

Neutrino principally considers itself a true complex R&D company and secondly a telecoms network operator.

We develop ready made solutions for channel alongside deeply complex solutions for bespoke applications.

Innovative telematics & M2M technologiesRead more

Neutrino was set up by it's founders after selling their fully licensed and spectrum holding mobile phone network based in Gibraltar and the Isle of Man. Neutrino has a fully operational mobile core network, IMS billing and signalling system and provides mobile network hosting, interconnect and signalling solutions. It also provides custom micro network solutions ideal for installation in military and aeronautical markets.

Unique call centre & webchat appsRead more

We have a BT interconnect, have an Ofcom allocation of our own number ranges alongside which we can host call centre ingress, egress. We're all IMS and SIP based with a series of fully programmable switches on which we have built a range of call centre compliant solutions including call recording and archiving, webchat routing and real-time translation and 'complex chat routing' solutions for complex and compliant applications.

Replay™ - call & transcription synchronisationRead more

By embedding our patent pending 'transcription on the wire' (with combined translation service) within your telecoms service; conference bridge or Lawful-Intercept bureau, you give your customers both a near free real-time transcription service which enhances compliance, customer comfort for instantaneous 'total-recall' compliance. Available as a customized managed service or via a wire tap or Li connection or a silent sip bridge into out managed cloud based platform. Our enhanced service affords 99.98% accuracy on next business day personal (manual) transcription.

View our [Pre-ALPHA] Demo (username: 101 password:101):

Telephony & CRM solutionsRead more

Our telephony and CRM solutions are uncomplicated, easy to integrate and can be integrated into virtually any platform. We have a deep box of tools that allows us to create a range of highly customisable solutions that you simply can't buy off the shelf. We provide OPEX and CAPEX based models to meet your needs.